Color Inspiration Challenge #50

Another color challenge!! Woo!!

This challenge was HARD for me! I definitely used more layers and general stuff than I normally do. It was also my first time using chipboard! Chipboard is fun! Must.Get.More.

The colors:
brown - cone, felt ribbon
red - swiss dot embossed label frame, cherry
yellow - grid embossed label, polka dots on white ice cream scoop
turquoise - dotted background on card base, ice cream scoop
white - card base, ice cream scoop, polka dots on turquoise ice cream scoop, grid on cone, stitching on ribbon

This card has so much going on. That grid background is a CHF stamp that is so cute. The felt ribbon is awesome! I painted the chipboard by running ink pads across the chipboard. I also added crystal effects to the cherry to make it look more like a cherry. I tried to use grid and polka dot textures in different ways: ink, dry embossing, heat embossing. It was good for me to try all of these new things!

Alright, I have so much work to do. It is definitely a transition figuring out this new job!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


Exciting day!!

Edited: I wrote this post late last night, as I was writing it my computer had a meltdown and wouldn't back up anymore. I was up until 3am trying to fix it. Then this morning I got a call at 7am from my apartment manager saying that someone was coming to do repairs that were supposed to be done 3 months ago in an hour. I then had him here, was on the phone with apple for 2 hours fixing my computer, and then an hour and a half calling to postpone jury duty. Phew! I still have four hours of work for my new job to do today too, but I needed a quick break and thought I would post the entry I wrote last night. If you actually make it through this whole post, you get a gold star! haha! :)

So I started a new job today (technically yesterday). It went really well! I am super tired though! Although, for some reason I am still awake. I am such a night owl! The cool thing about this job is that I mostly get to work from home since it is all computer and internet based! Yay!

Today I also surpassed 5000 hits! I seriously never thought that would happen, and I have to thank everyone in this blogging crafting community. I never realized there were all these other people all around the world that loved doing what I love to do. I don't have any craft-loving friends, so I was so excited to find and join this blogging community. Then I found out that craft bloggers are also the sweetest people around, too! Thank you so much for visiting. I started this blog on January 1st 2009, and I only had 200 hits in January and February. This means pretty much all of these hits have been in the past two months! So thank you again so much for visiting. It seriously does make my day, every day :).

The other big thing going on in my life is that I am selling Mother's Day cards at a trunk show at a locally owned boutique. I am super excited for this. I have been in love with this store for years and now my cards will be sold there! If you live in the LA area or know someone who does, come and check out the show. Audrey*K has the best clothes and jewelry. Audrey, who owns the store, is the best stylist, she just knows what to pick out for you to try on. She is also awesome at finding jeans for every body type. Anyways, stop by if you are in the area either on the day of the show or anytime of the year and support locally owned business!

And since a post is not a post without some cards, here are some more of those 3x3 mini cards I made a while back!

That tree line comes from that really cool new EK Success flat border punch line. It looks like I missed a spot with the blue ink ... eek! 

This one also uses one of those flat border punches. Can you tell that I had just bought distress inks for the first time when I made these? :) jaja!

Thank you so much for visiting! Sorry if this post didn't make much sense. I am tired and energized at the same time, and I think that makes for some weird posting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays!

This Monday's installment is brought to you by ...


Since Spring is finally arriving, and because I had the most fabulous strawberry lemonade yesterday (thanks, L!), I had to pick lemon yellow. This search yielded over 5,000 hits on etsy! Here are four of my favorites!

This is a diffuser with preserved flowers attached to it! It is made by MelroseFields. I've never seen anything like it, so I had to post it!
How cute is this apron by HappyFind? At first I thought it was a dress, and I kind of still wish it was because it is so adorable!
A lemon drop necklace by WhitePoppy! It is like it is straight out of Willy Wonka's factory!
This pouch by WolfBait has the most wonderful fabric on it! It is vintage happy at its best!

I hope you saw something that inspired you today! Remember to shop handmade!

Thanks for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie

PS. I start a new job today! Wish me luck!!


Mom you are the cat's meow!

I have this adorable cat stamp from sideshow stamps. You really need to check out this company. Their stamps are so awesome and different than the other stuff you see out there. My friend, M, gave me a gift certificate there, and he found them through a google search!
Okay, so, I have this great cat stamp that I have been wanting to use. I have also been wanting to do a hot pink and black color combo for two reasons: because it's such a fun color combo and because of my years marching with the Mandarins. Thinking of a retro color combo and cats made me then think of that phrase "you are the cat's meow". So perfect and fun for my ongoing I-don't-have-a-mother's-day-stamp card making! I thought I should look up where the phrase came from. It was actually coined by Thomas Dorgan who was a cartoonist. He also created and/or made popular phrases like "dumbbell", "for crying out loud" and "drugstore cowboy". How amazing is that? This guy single handedly created a lot of American slang. Very cool.

So here is what comes out of thinking of hot pink and black cats:

I am kind of in love with this card. How adorable is that cat?!
I used three different alphabet stamps to create the sentiment. The hot pink is raspberry fizz from papertrey ink. It is such an awesome color!
I just bought these pink flowers at Michael's. I actually didn't have any pink flowers before this! What?! I shaded the cat with copics. I also colored her collar with copics too.
The oval were cut with nestabilities, and the white dots were made with a white gel pen. I used the ranger Inkssentials white pen. It is awesome!
I used Making Memories foam adhesive to pop up the oval. That stuff is thick! Woah! Look at that shadow in the picture! Definitely dramatic!

Thanks so much for visiting. I think you guys are all the cat's meow! :)

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


It's Saturday!! Yay!!!

One of the great things abut blogging and reading other people's blogs is that you end up learning so much and getting so much support from both "real-life" and "virtual" blogging friends.

One of the very sweet and talented people that I have been getting to know is Lynnette at Netter's Notables. You should definitely check out her blog as she makes the most beautiful cards! Well, Lynnette gave me my first blog award, and I am just so excited!
Thank you so much, Lynnette! I appreciate your sweet comments so much! They always make my day!

This award is given to a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude. After receiving this award, this is what I'm supposed to do:

Comment on this blog
Cut and paste the logo and put on your own blog
Pass it along to 5-10 other bloggers and link them to this post
Comment on their blogs to let them know that they received something from you
Link back to the person who gave the award to show appreciation

So I decided to give this blogging award to some of the people who have taken the time out to comment on my blog. I just want to show how much these comments really do mean to me! Some of these people I know in real life and others are craft bloggers who have inspired me. So, thank you to you all!

Denise from Sassy Stampin'
Courtney Baker from one day at a time

Please check out their blogs for all kinds of different inspiration!

I also wanted to post a card today, too! Here is a birthday card that has some SUPER bright colors. It might be a little too much, but, once again, I couldn't help myself!
Isn't that cupcake tower the cutest? I wish it was real. I would so eat them all! :)

Thank you so much for visiting, and thank you again to Lynnette!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


Fake ribbon thank yous!

I found a solution to my inability to tie a nice bow ... just stamp it!
How cute is this stamp? The set comes with 4 different ribbon stamps, and I can guarantee you will be seeing them all here on the blog soon!
The ribbon reminded me of the gingham that Dorothy wears in The Wizard of Oz, which then reminded me of Judy Garland, which then reminded me of those mirrors that stage actors use with all those globe lights ... phew! That is was I tried to create with this rectangle border. I used white liquid pearls to make the lights.
I love fabric flowers! That little button is actually a button-shaped brad. Cute!
I inked the edges of the card with the same raspberry fizz PTI ink that I used for the ribbon. I think it adds a little something!

Thank you so much for visiting! Remember to link to your "manly" cards in the comments! (See yesterday's post if you are wondering what the heck I might be talking about!)

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


lawn fawn video Thursday - be a deer while making a card!

My computer is back! My computer is back! I am so happy!!!

I had a video saved, so I had to post it right away. It was driving me nuts knowing it was stuck on the computer! In this video I make a Mother's Day card with background stamps, distress inks, and buttons (oh, my!) I hope you enjoy it!

Here are some photos of the card:

Thank you so much for watching!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


A manly birthday?

Isn't it just so hard to make cards for men?! I have such a hard time! I recently picked up this a muse golf bag stamp to help in my manly card making. My husband, dad and father-in-law (FIL) are all golf nuts, so I know I will get good use of this stamp! Do you think they will notice that they always get cards with a golf set on them? :)

This Sunday was my FIL's birthday. We went to Disney with my husband's family which was a lot of fun! Here is the card I brought to him at Disney:
I colored in the golf bag with copics. I like the avocado green and blue combo!
Ahh, my favorite birthday stamp! It is from Kim Hughes. The background stamp is from CHF which is really great for man cards and kids cards!
I used nestabilities to cut out the rectangles. I love that embossed border!
Here is a final shot. Oh, how I love foam adhesive!

So, have you guys made any good "manly" cards lately? I would love to see them! Link to them in the comments, and I will make a man-card post! It will be great inspiration for all of us with Father's Day coming up!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie

PS. I just found out my computer is coming home tomorrow!! Yay!!!!! :)


Mariposa thank you

I bought this really cool Making Memories set that has die cuts and buttons and embellishments. The set makes me really happy. It's full of so many goodies! The first thing I had to use was one of the butterflies.

Isn't pretty?
I used glue dots to attach the ribbon. I do this often because of a couple of reasons:
1. I don't tie bows all that well
2. I hoard my ribbon and therefore want to use as little as possible
3. I'm cheap and don't want to waste ribbon going all the way around the card (lame, I know!)

To give it a "wrapped around" look I have about half an inch that goes around the card base and is adhered with glue dots also. I plan to keep the nice people at glue dots in business :).

The background is a floral scrapblock from CHF. I also used a scallop punch on the bottom edge. Why? Because I can't help myself!
The butterfly has a foam adhesive square on the top part of the butterfly and a glue dot at the bottom so that it looks popped off of the "thank you" label but is still secured to the card base.

Computer update (I know you guys were so worried! haha!): It is being overnighted to the computer hospital. I hope they can fix it tomorrow!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays!

So, my computer's video card is busted, and apple had to send it out for repairs. Ack! I hate being without my computer. I miss it!! Right now I am borrowing my husband's computer. He's such a sweetie! Unfortunately, you guys will have to wait for a video this week until I get my computer back. I hope it's soon!

Well, I still want to do a color etsy love today! What would Monday be without it?! I don't have any pictures to choose from, so I went to this website and picked the first color I saw .... BLUEBELL!

The etsy search came up with 454 items! Here are four of my favorites!

I love this shirt by wenifnotnow! It is so cute and scoop necks are really flattering!

How cute is this owl print by StephanieFizer ? I love their sweet heart shaped faces!
This pouch by leilalou is so delicate and beautiful! I would use it as a purse!
How unique and cool is this felted necklace by ThreeKeys? I adore it!
I hope you saw something that inspired you today! Remember to shop handmade!

Thanks for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


Mac sad face

So my computer's screen will not work today. It looks like the video card might be busted. I am waiting for an 8pm appointment with the genius bar at an apple store. I am just hoping that it is not a major problem because my life is on that computer. I work from home and everything is on there! I do have a back up but no computer to back it up to. I had another fun video for you guys today, but it is stuck in the computer. So are all my card photos, so I can't share those either!

Anyways, I hope I will be back to blogging soon! Please send my computer some happy thoughts!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


Mom, I just love you

I decided to make some more versions of the card I make for the Color Inspiration Challenge #48. It was fun to try some different color schemes!

I love green and blue together. The brighter hues make it a lot of fun!
I love the flower on this one!! It's so pretty. It's a really soft velvety fabric. I wish I could remember where I got it! It reminds me of my honeymoon in Hawaii. It kind of looks like a plumeria! Oh my goodness those smell good!
It is really hard to photograph this moss color well, but in real life, it is really pretty!

I have this great widget on my Mac dashboard that gives you "This day in history". So, I was thinking I would share one today! Trivia and history is so fun! :)

So, here we go! This day in history ... Queen Elizabeth II signed the Constitution Act, making Canada completely independent of the United Kingdom, 1982.

Can you believe that only happened in 1982? I thought it was earlier than that!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


Featured on etsy!

My Mom, you are a delight card is being featured in one of etsy's Mother's Day gift giving guides! I am so beyond excited! You guys know how much I love etsy, so to be featured is a dream come true!

Here is a screenshot of their gift guides front page:

Check out these guides! You might just find the perfect gift for your Mom! As for me, I always donate to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength in honor of my Mom being a two time breast cancer survivor. Yes, she has kicked cancer's %&^* TWICE! A superwoman, I say!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


3x3 minis!

Here is a quickie post with some 3 by 3 cards. I don't have envelopes for these, so I use them for gift bags or for a quick message. They can be very cute!

I'm sorry these pictures aren't very good. I had the wrong lens on my camera, and I didn't realize it, until I gave them away and couldn't take new pictures. Oops! I figured they were still worth sharing though :).

These three were all made with the "Wishing You..." stamp set from PTI. It is such a cute set!!
I love this little oval image. I used some green stickles on either side of the "make a wish" for some sparkle.
Here's a blurry one! Oops, again! I used yellow stickles for the dragonfly trail. Can you tell that I found my stash of stickles recently? :)

This one is my fav of the three. I used an olive colored Colorbox Queue cat's eye to ink all the edges. I really like how the scalloped edge took the ink. Very shabby chic looking!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


lawn fawn video Tuesday - delight in little things while making a card!

Lawn fawn video Tuesday?! "What?!", you say? Well, today was a Monday. I'm talking somebody should have been asking me if I was having a case of the Mondays kind of a Monday. So I decided to post a video today because this Tuesday needs to be better than yesterday!

I hope you enjoy the video. A week ago or maybe two weeks ago the hero arts blog did a feature on one layer cards, and I decided I had to try the challenge. It was so fun to just stamp, stamp, stamp away!
I used papertrey ink and ali edwards technique tuesday stamps in this card, along with some stickles!

Here is the video!! Click on the HD button to see it in HD. If you would like to see it larger over at youtube, click here!

Here is a photo of the card:

Thank you so much for watching!!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie


lawn fawn loves etsy Mondays!

[insert announcer voice here] Today's installment is brought to you buy.....


Peach turned up over 14,000 entries on etsy! I couldn't believe it. Here are five of my favorites!

These cutie pie earrings by stickinthemud are so fun!
I love this adorable giraffe print by SavageArtworks. Doesn't the giraffe look like he's dreaming the perfect dream?
This love bird necklace by cherbie is perfection! I am so so in love!
I love this little pouch by oktak, not only because the print is so fun, but because I absolutely love pencil pouches! (I even carried one throughout college and grad school!)
I had to leave this gorgeous ring by everydayglory for last because it is my favorite find this time! It is just so delicate, gorgeous and unique!

I hope you saw something that inspired you today! Remember to shop handmade!

Thanks for visiting!

Have an amazing day,
kelly marie