We heart Karen!

We saw this series of cards using Sunny Skies by Karen B. in our Flickr group and fell in love!

I love the custom background she created with the kite bows from Sunny Skies!
Things with Wings 
So stunning! The clouds look amazing with the mist look!
Yellow Wedding 
I love how Karen made the background with the bird, and Bannerific and Sophie's Sentiments are the perfect addition to Sunny Skies!
Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Karen!

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Summer fun!

 I am absolutely loving this card by Yainea! It is pure Summer and Admit One is perfect for that! What a great layout, too!

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Fawny Flickr Friday {7.7.12}

Hello!! It's Flickr Friday!! YAY!
We love seeing all of the cards popping up in the Lawn Fawn Flickr group. Make sure you keep adding your projects! You guys are amazing! 
Let's check them out!  
Seriously Awesome! Thank you all for sharing your talents with us!

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Lawn Clippings Video {7.26.12}

Today we have a fun video from Chari that shows how to make a background with text stamps using Quinn's ABCs, Bright Side, Lawn Trimmings and the little thank you stamps we giveaway with orders! I love that this technique can be used with any sentiment stamp!
You can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel!

 Thank you so much for watching!
 Thank you so much for this awesome card and video, Chari

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CHA by Britta

Our wonderful intern Britta had a blast at the CHA trade show! We thought we would share a bit of her perspective. Thanks for all of your help, Britta! You are awesome!!

 _______________________________From Britta________________________________
Before I curl up into my bed and sleep for two days straight, I wanted to stop by and share a few of my favorite pictures from my adventure to CHA.
Firstly, I want to say how much I enjoyed meeting all of my new (and some not new!) friends, and I hope I get to meet each and everyone in real life someday. Everyone has such a great, creative energy and I’m so inspired to sit at my desk and craft to my little heart’s content. If you weren’t able to make it to CHA this time around, no worries! The reason why CHA is so good is because it’s a special experience. Hopefully you’ll be able to live vicariously through my photos and get inspired, too. :)


I flew into Chicago last Thursday to help with set up. We built the entire booth from scratch, and all of our team absolutely rocked it! Mike (Kelly Marie’s hubby and also another owner of LF) and Nancy (possibly the sweetest person ever) were our heads of construction, while Kelly Marie and I worked on a lot of computer and logistical prep. Chari was a wonderful help when she flew in on Saturday – she was perfect for helping us paint and frame out all of the walls.

Here’s a picture I snapped after we officially had the new papers and stickers in our hands. I wish you could’ve seen my face. The feeling of seeing something in real life after you’ve worked on it for hours and hours on the computer is something I’ll never forget or grow used to. I love it. Fa La La and Dewey Decimal turned out so well!

This is Kelly and Nancy mixing the paint for the upper part of the walls. You better believe I was absolutely covered in paint by the time we were done painting the walls. It was really hard work, but it was definitely worth it for the final product.

Here is Nancy, me and Mike after setting up all of the walls in the booth on the show floor. We were sweaty and tired, but we did it! We work so well together as a team. :)

How cute is the LF gnome from Gnome Sweet Gnome with a santa hat on? I die.

You’ll see this more in CHA coverage of the actual booth, but each one of the product collections had a painted + hand-drawn frame around it. This was definitely a labor of love from Chari (the straight frames) and myself (all of the wonky frames and faux hangings).  A simple black paint pen does wonders to add a whimsical look!

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo. This is our whole little crew absolutely stuffed into the car on the way home from the second day of setup. We had a ton of Christmas decorations that we didn’t end up using, so the ladies had to sit with them on their laps! On the way home, we also had some errands to run. By the end, I couldn’t move without being dug out either. Haha.
Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m sitting in the front seat, it’s all because of motion sickness. Thanks to the most turbulent flight into Chicago of my LIFE, there was a little *incident* on the ride home from the airport that firmly secured my location in the front of the vehicle. I would like to publicly thank McDonalds for selling Sprite and the wonderful Fawnie ladies for putting up with being in the back of the car all week long. I couldn’t have done it without you. And yes, this is a story I’ll tell to my kids someday. I don’t think I’ll ever live that one down.
(from Kelly Marie: Britta was such a good sport because we never let up with the jokes! Haha! Thanks for being awesome, Britta!)

On the CHA Day One, we had a lovely visit from Danielle and Stephanie. This is more than half of the wonderful YCU design team together! And guess what? These ladies are even more beautiful and sweet in real life. I already can’t wait to see them again. We need to get together and go on vacation someday soon!

Here’s the booth all ready to go for the show. More on this later! :)

The show went really well and the press was great! Here is Scrapbook.com hanging out with Kelly Marie. I can’t wait to see our stuff up over there!

Obligatory sign + astroturf shot. I’m officially obsessed with everything LF. (Even more than before, if that’s even possible!)

By the end of the show, we were slap-happy but happy to have had this wonderful experience. I’m so blessed to have this experience and hope this CHA was the first of very many to come. I could get used to this. Also, how adorable is Kelly? I love her and miss her already!
(From Kelly Marie: I love and already miss you, too, Britta! Thanks for the recap and for capturing my insane essence on camera. Haha!)


the sky's the limit

 I just love this card by design team member, Lynnette. The paper piecing is just gorgeous with Sunny Skies, and I love her custom Harold's ABCs sentiment. The perfect card for a graduate!

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CHA Reveal winners!

We have all of our winners today!

Our winners from our stamp reveal day 1:

Check This Out winner:
 Interlocking Backdrops winner:
So Thankful winner:

In a Pear Tree winner:
Let it Snow winner:

Our Dewey Decimal reveal winners are:

collection kit winner

6x6 pad winner
Thank you so much, Krysta! <3 <3 <3

 Our Fa-La-La reveal winners:

collection kit winner
6x6 pad winner

Our day two stamp reveal winners:

Hoppy Halloween winner:
A Birdie Told Me winner:

Happy Everything winner:
Winter Owl winner:
 Sweet Christmas winner:

Make sure to email us at info@lawnfawn.com with your shipping address so we can send out your prize!

Thank you all so much for your kind words and sweet comments! We are busy working to get everything shipped out to your favorite stores! Big big hugs!

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Fawny Flickr Friday {7.20.12}

Hello!! It's Flickr Friday!! YAY! We are busy recovering here from a fun and tiring time at the CHA trade show and will share photos and pick winners from our giveaways on Monday after we get back home! Today we are sharing some gorgeous Flickr group cards. We love seeing all of the cards popping up in the Lawn Fawn Flickr group. Make sure you keep adding your projects! You guys are amazing!
Let's check them out!  

Baked With Love--Handmade Tag
by unifyhandmade
(using Plus One, Harold's ABCs)

Purse with Turtle
by Monarch Butterfly2000(Poorvi)
(using Critters in the Sea)

koala love
by mom2sofia
(using Sunny Skies, You've Got Mail, Critters Down Under)

Simple Congrats
by *茵~
(using Blissful Botanicals)

by Tamara_77
(using Judy's Blooms, Flutter By, Grand Greetings)

Lawnscaping Challenge #37: Use Dimension
by jennshurkus
(using Sunny Skies, Belinda's Borders)

Sending love your way!
by Peppermint42 (Karin)
(using Flutter By, You've Got Mail)

Smile Crocodile
by Jenny M2011
(using Critters Down Under)
Absolutely wonderful!
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